• Computer graphic illustration of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirusCoronavirus, crisis and the end of neoliberalism
    The Covid-19 pandemic presents an opportunity to imagine a society that can serve the majority and avoid repetition of the devastating outcomes brought on by the crisis. […]
  • Photograph of analog computer display featuring columns of statisticsFinancialisation and climate change
    Financialisation promotes economic goals, policies and practices that are incompatible with environmental sustainability, economic diversification, and human values. […]
  • Photograph of coal-powered electricity plantLeave it in the ground!
    The imperative to reduce the global consumption of fossil fuels rapidly and drastically implies that oil-rich countries cannot rely on this resource for their long-term growth strategy, since much of that oil, gas or coal can never be extracted. […]
  • Photograph of flood-affected woman holding an umbrellaClimate versus capitalism
    Just like when, in the 1940s, the promise of a more equal future gave force and legitimacy to the war effort against fascism, today’s world can find the strength to confront climate change through a commitment to transcending neoliberalism. […]

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- 5 days ago

@doctor_oxford: So there it is. Dido Harding has just applied to be the next CEO of @NHSEngland. RT if that prospect horrifies you.

- 11 days ago

@MichaelRosenYes: On my intensive care ward, there was second hand PPE turning up, some with blood on. If there was an enquiry going on now, we'd hear of this, instead of Hancock's licence to talk like this. https://t.co/xGoGP9AGYv

- 11 days ago

@davidschneider: Matt Hancock: “There was no national shortage of PPE” https://t.co/2dpBkiMuZA