• Computer graphic illustration of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirusCoronavirus, crisis and the end of neoliberalism
    The Covid-19 pandemic presents an opportunity to imagine a society that can serve the majority and avoid repetition of the devastating outcomes brought on by the crisis. […]
  • Photograph of analog computer display featuring columns of statisticsFinancialisation and climate change
    Financialisation promotes economic goals, policies and practices that are incompatible with environmental sustainability, economic diversification, and human values. […]
  • Photograph of coal-powered electricity plantLeave it in the ground!
    The imperative to reduce the global consumption of fossil fuels rapidly and drastically implies that oil-rich countries cannot rely on this resource for their long-term growth strategy, since much of that oil, gas or coal can never be extracted. […]
  • Photograph of flood-affected woman holding an umbrellaClimate versus capitalism
    Just like when, in the 1940s, the promise of a more equal future gave force and legitimacy to the war effort against fascism, today’s world can find the strength to confront climate change through a commitment to transcending neoliberalism. […]

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- 14 hours ago

@tatiroque: O Inpe diz que 33% do bioma queimaram em MT. A própria PF afirma que o fogo teve origem criminosa e está ligado à destruição da mata para abrir pastos. Quem está desmontando nossa estrutura de fiscalização? Quem autoriza a ação de grileiros? Bolsonaro. Logo, é ele o responsável

- 14 hours ago

@jeremycorbyn: "The idea that people’s health & lives could be put at risk in effort to get back to economic normality was always as misconceived as it was grotesque." Important piece from @HackneyAbbott 👇 https://t.co/4jB27IJkRD

- 17 hours ago

@Trickyjabs: The Tories told people to go to the pub. The Tories told people to go out for a meal. The Tories told people to go back to work. The Tories told kids to go back to school. The Tories are 100% responsible for the second Covid wave and are 100% responsible for every single death.